About Us

Conffit reinvents the exhibiting experience at worldwide tradeshows and exhibitions. We partner with the most-wanted tradeshows in the world to receive reduced deals for exhibiting, that are exclusive to Conffit's community.

We believe that there is no best tradeshow for all, there is a best tradeshow for you. That's why we built a comprehensive directory which quickly helps you find the tradeshow that best fits your company's goals and budget.

Very soon, Conffit will also provide a one-stop-shop experience, enabling you to book all the services you need for exhibiting. In one place, you will be able to book a booth, graphic design, marketing materials, travel packages and much more.

Why companies use Conffit?

Easily search and
compare tradeshows

Enjoy unique deals that fit
limited budget

Make the best
value-for-money decision

Avoid hidden costs