The event brings together leaders of the cyber industry, government decision-makers, and technology experts for dialogue and presentation of problem-solving strategies for challenges in the cyber realm. Cybertech serves as a global dialogue on threats and solutions for a variety of topics in the world of cyber, with sessions including: AI, Advanced IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Fintech, Cloud Security, Defense, Proactive Technologies, Inside Threats, Mobile and Communications, Privacy, Medicine, Aviation, and much more.


  • January 28 - January 30, 2019
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 15,000 Attendees
  • 210 Exhibitors
  • 6th Edition
  • Tradeshow website

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Shared booth - A booth that is shared by more than one company.
Pavilion - A large exhibit space with a number of exhibitors under the same banner
Raw space - An exhibition floor space that does not include a setup.
Space & Shell Scheme - An exhibition floor space with a setup of booth walls.